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Hitachi Solutions
March 12, 2018  •  By Hitachi Solutions

The sky’s the limit!

With 120 families in England made homeless every week, the team at Hitachi Solutions are donning their running shoes to raise money for homelessness charity, Shelter. Here’s what Shelter’s epic fundraiser, Vertical Rush 2018, is all about.

On Thursday 15th March, Tower 42 in London is set to be surrounded by a sea of red T-shirts as 1,000 eager runners prepare to race up to the tower’s top floor. The challenge is no mean feat, with every runner set to scale 932 steps and all 42 floors.

The Hitachi Solutions team isn’t intimidated though, because all those red T-shirts, all those stairs, all those floors, mean more money helping people in need. In London alone, a household is made homeless every 21 minutes, so the capital’s a fitting setting to get behind such an important cause.

Our team of 22 eager fundraisers has been training hard and is set to raise a considerable amount to support the charity’s fantastic work. Overall, Vertical Rush 2018, the 10th anniversary of the challenge, looks set to raise well over £300,000 — helping Shelter to continue its vital work.

To find out more about the event, and to help support Shelter’s work by sponsoring our team, please take a look at our dedicated Just Giving page:

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