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April 20, 2018  •  By Andy Gill

The keys to GDPR success in the insurance sector

With the GDPR deadline fast approaching — are you confident you’re ready?

At our recent event, we discussed the key aspects of the GDPR that insurance companies need to have in place.

Chief among these is to understand where your data is. That may sound simple, but in actual fact it means doing a thorough data-mapping exercise, including investigating what third parties do with any data you hand over to them.

Listen to the experts’ recommendations about the key aspects of the GDPR successful implementation

It’s also vital you don’t see the GDPR as a process change — it needs to be a cultural change across your whole organisation. And it needs to be thoroughly documented so that you can prove the steps you’ve taken. Take a look at this video from the event to find out more of the experts’ recommendations.

Andy Gill
Author Spotlight

Andy Gill

Andy is a Senior Project Manager at Hitachi Solutions, with considerable experience in managing large-scale IT development programmes.

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