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June 26, 2018  •  By Ruwan Perera

ICEE event: a holistic offering across the entire insurance lifecycle

This week, I attended the Insurance Customer Engagement Europe event, taking part in discussions with industry leaders on how insurers can achieve “One Vision, One Voice”.

It was a really successful event, as was the Hitachi Solutions focus group, where we presented and discussed the Hitachi Solutions’ proposition and strategy for the insurance sector in greater detail. Ultimately, our aim is to achieve a single integrated landscape — to give insurers one vision and one voice when they’re dealing with their customers.

ICEE event was a great opportunity to share our knowledge

To achieve this, we’re moving away from point-to-point dynamic solutions that are focused primarily on sales and marketing. Instead, our focus is now firmly on providing solutions, directions and enhanced capabilities across all core areas of insurance. The session was a great opportunity to run through the entire strategy and propositions end-to-end, including how we’re embedding Microsoft Dynamics 365 across all the core capabilities in a typical insurance lifecycle, not just looking at technology but people, processes and technologies.

ICEE event

Now, Hitachi Solutions is focused on a holistic insurance offering across the entire insurance lifecycle, one that also helps to interconnect divisions and business units within insurance so that they’re able to communicate more effectively and ensure that everyone has the exact same information to hand. This means insurance providers can service their clients and customers better, driving improved customer engagement, increased revenue and a more efficient, unified sales process, to name just a few of the benefits.

ICEE event helped us shape our strategy

As well as sharing our vision, the session was also designed to help us at Hitachi Solutions to gain industry insight to help shape and direct our strategy. We want to ensure its relevance to the industry and the actual beneficiaries of our offering. We gathered some fantastic feedback during the event, and I’d also like to invite further participation from others in the sector — it’d be great to hear your views and to incorporate these insights into the evolution of this strategy. Please get in touch with me for further discussion on this:

And, for more information on Hitachi Solutions’ offering within the insurance sector, visit our dedicated webpage.

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