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September 21, 2018  •  By Ciara McMillan

Housing Associations: why the Tech Leaders List is only the beginning…

Find out how creativity and innovation are driving technology in the housing sector.

The Inside Housing Tech Leaders List 2018 has just been published — and we wanted to get involved as its sponsor because it’s such a great opportunity to share innovation, ideas and learnings. Here’s a taste of what the list contains:

It’s inspiring to find out what creativity is happening out there in technology for housing. Take a look at the list and you’ll see not only the big influencers, but also some new and emerging people in housing technology innovation. This list is a perfect opportunity for Housing to share in best practice and also learn from each other. Technology is changing at such at rapid pace and, whilst we need to keep up, we also need to ensure we make the right choice, not only for our customers but for our staff.

The list provides a snapshot of the most innovative work going on in housing, but I believe we need to look beyond our sector for even more inspiration. My mantra is to share technology transformation best practice, wherever it comes from. And that’s what I love about working at Hitachi Solutions: I can pull learnings from a whole array of different industries and bring them together for my housing clients. It’s important to always remember that true transformation is not about the technology, it’s about how you use it. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

But my own personal ingredient I’d add to this recipe for getting the most from your technology — harness the creativity of the people on your front line, those who know your customers best. Those people have some great ideas, and we need to ensure they are heard. We need to support them with technology to bring their ideas to life.

If you’d like to know more about what Hitachi Solutions is doing in the housing sector, get in touch at and we can talk about how we transform organisations using technology as a driver.

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Ciara McMillan
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Ciara McMillan

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