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February 22, 2018  •  By George Efthimiou

Fast, friction-free retail experiences

How can your retail business offer modern customers the experience they’ve come to demand?

Dig into the data

How can your retail business offer modern customers the experience they’ve come to demand?

The answer, I believe, lies in harnessing the power of customer data, using digital solutions. With the right technology, you can drive a customer service that offers a fast and friction-free experience.

Omnichannel can play a part in this; but only if it’s achieved in the way that customers want — as a single, simple, joined-up experience. Or, as Claire Gillingham, HR Director at Vodafone said: “We don’t call it omnichannel anymore, we call it one channel, because that’s the way customers see it.”

Get personal

Personalisation is also important. In 2018, the key to boosting your customers’ shopping experience will likely depend on your ability to recognise, define, analyse and utilise core customer profiles and preferences. This will allow you to promote personalised content, products and services.

Let’s also not forget the move to mobile. The smartphone could well be the cause of the most fundamental shift we’ve seen in shopping behaviours over the past ten years. So ensuring that your customers enjoy a flawless mobile experience is a given. And, in 2018 the thing that’s likely to set you apart from your competition is your ability to reach customers at critical moments, using mobile technology.

Find out more

As our white paper — ‘Tackle shopper expectations for fast, friction-free experiences across all channels’ — puts it, “It’s about delivering whatever, whenever, wherever the customer wants, while building in the flexibility and the agility to be responsive to future changing customer expectations.”

There’s a lot of potential here, and it’s a fascinating topic. To find out more, make sure to contact us or download the white paper today

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