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July 10, 2018  •  By Richard Shipton

Enabling digital transformation for housing associations and local authorities

Discover how organisations are changing their ways of working to deliver better, joined-up services.

Housing associations and local authorities carry out vital work, touching the lives of millions of UK citizens every day. But the services they provide are often underpinned by inflexible, unhelpful or siloed technology — which hinders rather than helps both staff and customers alike. And, with a rising, ageing population, demand for services is only going to increase.

Housing associations and local authorities carry out vital work

These housing associations and local authorities are looking to unlock and connect the data they hold, both to better help and support customers, but also to understand how services can be delivered differently. And by sharing data — sensitively and carefully — with partner agencies, it’s well established that better outcomes can be found for the people who need help the most.

Keeping up with business system’s needs

At the same time, with the opportunities created by wearable devices and connected homes, the amount of data will continue to increase exponentially. In order to create a single view of people and families, legacy technology has proven itself to not be up to the task. At the same time, placing digital ‘sticking plasters’ across these systems is not a long-term solution.

housing associations and local authorities

Hitachi Solutions works with housing associations and local authorities and social housing providers to help them modernise, replace and integrate business systems to address the issues above. Using the Microsoft Cloud, it’s possible to truly ‘digitally transform’ the organisation, technology and customers’ experience, in ways not previously possible.

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