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May 8, 2018  •  By Martin Green

Combining a Service Culture with a Customer-Centric Leadership

Hitachi Solutions attended this years’ Field Service Summit with the theme of Combining a Service Culture with a Customer-Centric Leadership. Martin Green shares some highlights.

The 2018 Field Service Summit, hosted by Warwick University, contained a range of speakers, panels and roundtables. The theme of moving away from product-centric to service-centric models of working was warmly embraced as technological advances change the Field Service landscape.

Servitisation was the buzz word of the conference – exploring how to create value through moving toward pay by use models. Shifting towards servitisation presents challenges and opportunities for both customers and businesses alike, but can potentially better align the needs of both parties. Creating more flexible options for the customer, while providing businesses with opportunities to continually monitor and improve performance.

Hitachi Solutions hosted an informative round table on the topic of Mobile Data Capture, covering aspects of risk assessments, root cause analysis, asset management and scheduling, which fitted perfectly with the theme and offered an opportunity to share insights and ways of working.

The Microsoft 2017 State of Global Services Report, has already cited research that all age groups, across the world, are embracing new technology as it becomes available. From baby boomers to millennials – customers are eager to adopt digital trends, especially if it makes their lives easier. This means it is the perfect time to launch digital products – B2B, B2C and portals, sms etc., – as a cornerstone to your strategy.

Another insightful presentation came from Daan Smans, Manager of Digital Operations at thyssenkrupp on the Internet of Things (IoT).  He stressed the point that people are always at the centre of every IoT solution and that adopting the IoT requires a change of mindset to a more agile, responsive way of working. He emphasised the importance of building on the infrastructure and data you already hold and starting small, but thinking big.

Field Service is on the brink of huge change and the Field Service Summit was an excellent opportunity to share ideas, listen to inspirational speakers and move together into the future.

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Martin Green
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