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Matt Newman

Matt Newman

18 years’ experience advising and overseeing the delivery of IT services, programmes and change, coordinating between stakeholders in business, risk, technology and third party providers for Financial Services clients. An IT consultant and adviser who looks at technology and vendor solutions from the business point of view. He has exceptional expertise in the areas of Delegated Authority and GDPR.

Delegated Authority: navigate the risks and regulations

Discover the technology that insurers can use to overcome the regulatory challenges of Delegated Authority.

Uncovering Opportunity in GDPR

Fresh from our OCC retail workshop — ‘GDPR: The Opportunity. Optimise the way you interact with customers’ — we explore what we learned.

GDPR: opportunity wrapped-up in regulation

As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline approaches, our new infographic explores the opportunity to be found in regulation.