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Digital growth engine

Digitisation offers an enormous opportunity for growth in turnover for small and large retailers. Within this, it’s equally important that stationary retail embarks upon a programme of digitisation to ensure that the right offer is there, at the right time. The more closely the offer dovetails with a customer’s demands, the more satisfied he is likely to be with his purchase, and in turn, more likely to come back.

Digital world of experience

Enjoy the advantages of offline commerce and link them with applications in the digital world. We help you to launch fully or partially automated discount campaigns when they are likely to be most successful, covering everything from price tags in your stores to advertising banners online. Alternatively, you can opt to send customers individual discount vouchers and offers that they can redeem in store using their smartphones, including navigation to the products in question. This can help you to offset bottlenecks in your warehouse, while at the same time drawing in passing customers with automated advertising.

Quick access to integrated technologies

Reduce time to market and adapt the application to your requirements. Use editors and tools to create and launch your own web and mobile applications without the need for programming work, allowing you to customise your offers to the individual needs of your customer base for effective and efficient customer contact and retention. The pre-configured system from Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets you jump right in with a fully-fledged control centre that has all of the data from your smart retail branches right there at your fingertips.