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We solve your priority business problems to deliver measurable value using technology solutions

To stay relevant and stand out in the market, insurance providers must place the customer at the centre of everything they do. Otherwise, they will quickly switch to a competitor that will provide them with the level of service they desire.

At Hitachi Solutions we recognise that customers’ expectations are increasing by the day, with ever-evolving personalised experiences that are delivered by the retail sector and the ease of comparing companies within the sector.  Insurers are under pressure to match this customer-centric approach which is a difficult challenge for traditional insurers, having disconnected systems, data silos and challenges with data quality.  At one time the insurer had state-of-the-art platforms, but over time the systems have grown departmentally, and new systems and siloed data sets arise through merger and acquisition activities or simply via tactical initiatives.

Hitachi Solutions provides insurers with different options to solve their problems using an approach that fits the business challenge and with the maturity and culture of the business, while still being underpinned by a delivery and quality assured governance model.

Retaining customers and new sales is more challenging than ever. Build trust and loyalty with service excellence.

Customers have more choice than ever with new entrants and non-traditional insurers entering the market. Knowledge of the customer, their needs and expectations, is paramount and building a customer source of truth will provide the foundation for deriving insight and driving initiatives to build loyalty. 


I think we’re in a phenomenal position now and the more I talk to people about the journey we’ve taken the more I realise what a giant step we took and what a radical impact it’s delivered. We’ve been well supported by Hitachi Solutions.

Gordon Walters
CIO, Towergate

Deploy real innovation, transform your organisation

Our Solution for Insurers

Hitachi Essentials for Insurance offers Insurers a package of services and digital accelerators to help an Insurance business to modernise and compete more effectively; offering a transformed customer experience, clearer knowledge of Brokers and Customers, automation efficiencies and improved data quality to drive more value from data.

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