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Thrive in a low margin environment and build a more profitable future for your Construction business


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Low margins are driving a new way of operating

The highly competitive nature of the construction industry is driving a high-volume, low-margin business model that makes operating at a profit a significant challenge. Margins are tight, putting the focus firmly on finding IT solutions that can support rigorous risk management. We understand that your choice of technology must ensure that you can enhance efficiency, increase information quality and make intelligent business decisions to increase profitability.


Cost value recognition on one screen

Our solution is specifically designed to support your cost value recognition calculations. At any point in a build you’ll be able to assess costs you’re committed to against progress to date to monitor profitability. All the data you need is summarised on a single screen, making accurate risk assessment a fast and straightforward process.

A rapid, solution-led construction approach

Based on Microsoft technologies, our solution is preconfigured to suit your finance, operations, HR and procurement requirements. We’ll cover off these capabilities with you, focusing on prototyping rather than documenting your requirements, before identifying the areas where you need bespoke elements. By focusing on configuration rather than customisation we keep build costs low and you can get up and running quickly.

Using Microsoft Dynamics we’ve defined roles, responsibilities and relationships in our 200 plus projects… we have a better understanding of the work we’re doing and how it involves our supply chain and other key stakeholders.

Anna Gagliano, Project Director, Head of Information Management

Deploy real innovation, transform your organisation

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