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Consensus Framework: Transform upgrade your critical business solutions with confidence

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Transform your business rapidly and efficiently with a proven framework for change

Technological transformation won’t happen without effective tools, processes and governance which is why we’ve created our Consensus Framework. It’s a tried and tested transformational approach based on years of experience implementing major projects and organisational change programmes, and it ensures projects of any size and complexity are managed effectively to a successful conclusion.


Consensus — a framework for success

The challenge of implementing a major business transformation project happens only occasionally in a business, so you probably won’t have the necessary skills in house to drive success. Without expert guidance, it’s all too easy to be held back by the same issues when rolling out new business systems. Our Consensus Framework provides a roadmap that brings your business transformation to life, reducing stress, sharing knowledge, managing risk as well as saving time and money.

Your roadmap for business transformation success

Our expert business change teams deliver a framework that’s proven to make it simpler to deliver on time and on budget. Consensus Framework creates a comprehensive roadmap to embed sustainable business transformation by ensuring best practice every step of the way. And Consensus Framework is continually evolving, too, adapting to the solutions and businesses we work with to make sure you have the best possible experience.

Business transformation services that deliver

Our Consensus Framework is a mature and extensive resource containing everything we need to ensure not just the successful implementation of your technological solution, but also to embed sustainable business transformation services within your business. It contains everything from pre-defined strategy documents to templates, useful guides and process overviews. And it’s a living process, always pushing and innovating to keep you at the forefront of project implementation.

The Team at Hitachi Solutions were really, really strong. They had been there and done it before.

Karl Manning, Head of Sales and Revenue
Bank of Ireland

Deploy real innovation, transform your organisation

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