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Your people will make your transformation programme work

If you don’t handle the implementation of your major transformational projects correctly, there’s a high chance they’ll fail. All too often, businesses forget that people are at the heart of any successful change. By not involving end users in the transformation right from the start, allows fear and resentment that turns people against the initiative. People-powered change with Hitachi Solutions is the key to a successful transformation.

Early involvement to support adoption

With any investment in business transformation, the main challenge is to implement the solution successfully across the whole business. If you don’t adopt a change management approach early on, you may find that your project is seen by end users as something ‘done’ to the business by senior management. This can generate a resentful attitude that can be exacerbated by loyalty to a legacy solution, particularly if it’s bespoke.


Establishing scope and readiness for change

Our team of change management professionals start by understanding what’s going to change, looking at your existing processes and mapping out the proposed changes to provide you with a clear path to your desired business outcomes. We carry out detailed readiness assessments to establish the degree of understanding and acceptance there is in your business.

Effective change leadership

Our change consultants will craft a plan tailored to your needs and objectives from a communications, change impact and business-readiness perspective. They’ll engage your organisation every step of the way, measuring business readiness, deliverables, adoption and training programme efficacy, identifying and leveraging key influences and instilling ownership for the outcomes and the new processes.


Hitachi Solutions is a brand that we could trust…  Not only have we implemented a solution that we will use for the long term, we have actually found a business partner that we will use for the long term as well.

Matthew Stalker, ICT Project Officer
Essex Contry Fire & Rescue Service

Deploy real innovation, transform your organisation

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