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Hack4Good 2020

Microsoft's Global Community Hack4Good 2020


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Earlier this month, a team from Hitachi Solutions Europe, the “Hitachi Power Rangers”, participated in the Global Community Hack4Good event for Microsoft Business Applications Summit. This was an incredible experience, demonstrating how quickly and efficiently the community gets together to solve current business challenges.

This fantastic event has seen huge growth albeit its new virtual format. The 2020 Hack4Good brought together over 350 attendees from 40 different countries with a total of 49 projects, shadowing the already impressive numbers of 50 attendees from 20 countries and a total of 9 projects from last year's edition.

Hackathons key emphasis is the Community and technology, and how these two combined can help the world be a better place. Hack4Good 2020's theme was to design solutions to assist organisations around the world during unprecedented times like the current pandemic. This certainly energised people around the globe to go the extra mile in brainstorming common issues organisations are facing, and how to overcome them by leveraging the latest and greatest technology.

Our team wanted to focus on a problem many small to medium businesses are facing; having to adapt their strategy from selling products in physical stores to getting products delivered to people’s homes in a timely manner while still ensuring high quality.

By leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform, we started whiteboarding how to address the stock management and revenue generation problems from a brewery that typically sold their products on-premises, aiming to transform the way these products could be delivered directly to their customers.
The result was the creation of a Power App enabling the brewery with Stock Management capability and introducing a brand-new concept for marketing and selling their products: Mystery Boxes. These contained a random selection of products from the available stock, with the possibility to add custom rules for how products were placed and how promotions applied.

You can see the solution here: Hack4Good2020 - Hitachi Power Rangers

Leading a team of people who are relatively new to the Microsoft Power Platform and being able to witness the extraordinary progress that is achievable in a short period of time, is a great testament to how Hackathons, through their format and technology, enable people to support businesses and communities in such incredible ways.

Our team certainly felt energized by this intense weekend of creativity and team spirit. The inspirational mindset of the Microsoft community has confidently left all feeling very positive about what the future holds. Stay tuned for upcoming community events like this.

A special mention to the team of interns from Porto, who just very recently joined the Power Platform team, and a big thank you to all who have taken part in this incredible experience. Big congratulations to the winning team for the Global event: BTD - By the Devs.

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João Bastos

João Bastos works for Hitachi Solutions (Porto, Portugal) as a Lead Technical Consultant for the Power Platform team.

João is a technology and innovation enthusiast with an empathy-oriented mindset. Having worked on multiple CRM and Power Platform projects, he is driven towards sharing both the benefits and value provided by the Microsoft technology stack as well as the satisfaction from developing and enjoying a challenging career.

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