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Working together during COVID- 19


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The continued validity of the core values on which Namihei Odaira founded Hitachi 110 years ago, has never been more starkly apparent than in recent weeks. Those values of Harmony, Sincerity and Pioneering Spirit underpin our desire to work tirelessly within the core industries we operate, enabling organisations to overcome their challenges.

The current pandemic across the Globe had led us into unprecedented times. We’ve seen communities, cities and entire continents come together and unite in helping overcome this virus.

Teams from across Hitachi Solutions Europe have been coming together, pledging their time and working around the clock to rapidly develop and assist organisations, local authorities, hospitals and entire collective regions across the UK, as they try to cope with the current demands placed upon them. We are proud to be working alongside these organisations and helping them achieve their goals is something we take the utmost pride in.

As well as supporting the development and support of Microsoft’s crisis communication application to organisations across the UK and the globe, our teams have worked tirelessly to provide a suite of free applications for local government and healthcare, helping equip those front-line workers with solutions to manage support of the most vulnerable people, staff shift patterns, key resource availability and logistics, to name a few.

In the true spirit of partnership, one solution designed for local government started in partnership with The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Microsoft; this one solution alone is now supporting 7 authorities and their support of hundreds of thousands of individuals across the UK.

You won’t see us broadly promoting any of the work we have done for organisations during the current crisis. Some educational content will appear on the Local Government Chronicle, UK Authority and other selected industry marketing partners in the coming weeks.

To everyone reading this, stay safe and together we’ll make it through this extremely unusual period.

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Simon Drake

Simon Drake is SVP and UK General Manager at Hitachi Solutions Europe, he has the overall responsibility for the strategic direction and performance of the UK business.

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