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Time is of the ‘Essentials’ – Essentials for Professional Services


Hitachi Solutions > Blogs > 2020 > 02 > Time is of the ‘Essentials’ – Essentials for Professional Services

In my previous article, we discussed the meaning of a Professional Services organisation and how time is the most valuable resource we have available to us.

In this article, we see how the Hitachi Solutions Essentials accelerator can reduce the amount of time it takes to implement a complex ERP system like D365 FinOps. It also goes on to show how Hitachi Solutions will focus our efforts and time on the most important aspects of the system to maximise the benefit to your Professional Services organisation.


As mentioned in my previous blog, Hitachi Solutions have a unique insight into what it takes to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations into a worldwide Professional Services organisation. Our own internal solution covers multiple:

  • Countries
  • Legal entities
  • Tax regimes
  • Languages
  • Currencies
  • Charts of accounts

On the basis that we have learned what a lot of Professional Services companies need, together with overcoming our own challenges, we have developed an ‘accelerator’ called Essentials.

Essentials, in essence, provides a Professional Services company with a pre-defined set of configuration within Microsoft Dynamics 365 FinOps, offering the Professional Services organisation with a dramatically reduced implementation time.

Essentials work by making the best use of your (and our) time during an implementation process.

For example, we know that you will need to post a variety of journals – every organisation does. So we don’t waste your time talking about journals, we just give them to you, pre-configured, ready to use.

We then use the time saved to get to the valuable bit, of identifying what reports you need and how the correct Financial Dimension structure can support this. This is where your investment in time pays-off for the maximum benefit to you.

We know that you will be trading and transacting with companies within your group – every large organisation does. So we have already set Inter-company and consolidation reporting up for you, leaving you to spend your time on leveraging as much value out of the Power Platform as possible.

With every piece of pre-configured Essentials functionality, we provide full user training and documentation to ensure that you are able to test and use the system to maximum effect when the time comes.

I could go on and give you another 20 examples, but I think you get the point!

Your time is as valuable to us, as it is to you. By using our Essentials accelerator in your implementation, we not only save time but make the implementation process smoother and more effective.

For more information on how Essentials could benefit your implementation please get in touch with our experts today. 


Matt Treadway

Matt Treadway recently joined Hitachi Solutions after working as a senior Finance consultant on a number of Professional Services implementations over the past seven years. Matt is a FCCA qualified accountant who first worked with Microsoft Dynamics as an end-user within a major PLC, who now focusses on making implementations of D365 FinOps as successful as possible.

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