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The rise of the “Citizen Developers”


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The rise of the “Citizen Developers” – sounds like the start of this year’s blockbuster horror film and for some companies, it may seem that way. Allowing your operational users within your business, access to build desktop and mobile applications that leverage company data, that can be connected and integrated (with ease) to hundreds of data sources in a no-code, drag and drop manner sounds like a compliance nightmare waiting to happen.

The beauty of the new low code to no code Power Platform driven world we now live in means those who have business challenges that could be solved with technology proud solutions but did not either have the know-how, time or budget no longer have those issues. Those who traditionally use applications for their work as an end-user who may not have any prior IT or application development background can now build their own desktop and mobile applications with a point and click approach. However, for IT management and Data Security specialists this raises so many questions, such as:

  1. What data can they access?
  2. What data sources have been connected together e.g. connecting your Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations with Twitter may not be ideal
  3. How do I know who is building apps?
  4. Why do these applications exist?
  5. What is the business impact?
  6. Who else has access to these applications?
  7. What is this costing us?
  8. How are these applications being built?
  9. How do other business users know what applications are available?

Fortunately, there are answers to all these questions and more. The answers focus on having a well-thought-out framework within your company to ensure the use of the Power Platform is not reduced but encouraged and adoption is nurtured to drive immense business value all under the control, governance and administration of a Centre of Excellence.

With the Hitachi Solutions Centre of Excellence (CoE) framework offering, which builds on Microsoft’s own CoE tool kit, you will have the ability to secure, monitor, alert and act on all aspects of your Power Platform estate all whilst encouraging the use of the platform in a safe and well-established manner.

Reach out to Hitachi Solutions Power Platform team today to discuss concerns and challenges your business is facing around governing the use of the Power Platform within your company.

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William Dorrington

William Dorrington heads up the Power Platform Capability at Hitachi Solutions Europe. He has been part of the Power Platform community since the platform's release and has evangelised it ever since – through doing this he has also earned the title of Microsoft MVP. If you have a Power Platform question, challenge or concern then Will is the person to speak with!

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