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Bristol City Council

Hitachi Solutions partner with Bristol City Council


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Hitachi Solutions has long been a household name within the private sector, and our public sector growth only continues, as organisations demand more from their supplier base than just price. Quality outcomes are driven by highly skilled and experienced sector and technical specialists, combined with a solid and proven delivery methodology. Without these, project’s inevitably cost organisations more in the long run and fail to deliver when the organisation can least afford them to. We, therefore, take pride in our ability to ensure robust governance and engagement yet partner flexibly.

I sat down with Simon Oliver from Bristol City Council to discuss the exciting partnership with Hitachi Solutions and he answered some fundamental questions about the work behind our partnership.

What were the business need/drivers for engaging Hitachi Solutions Europe?

Bristol City Council sought a partner that could deliver a strategic CRM solution based on Microsoft Dynamics, as part of a wholesale move to an Enterprise-wide Microsoft stack for all infrastructure and core solutions. 

We sought a partner with proven expertise and case studies for success within Local Government.  Speed of delivery, confidence in achieving success and a partnership approach were our main drivers.

Why Hitachi Solutions Europe?

We were impressed with the solutions implemented elsewhere, utilising an approach which enabled and supported future sustainable in-house development, with a credible approach to manage knowledge transfer.  Hitachi Solutions also openly invited us to and encouraged us to work with their existing customers to create a peer group of leaders using their technology.  The open and transparent approach to all aspects of the solution and delivery approach were very much welcomed.  We felt we were working with a partner that wanted to help us achieve our aims, whilst understanding our approach and strategy, a truly collaborative, mutually beneficial partnership arrangement.  Hitachi Solutions have proven themselves to be more than a solution implementation company; they are an organisation which seeks to challenge the way things are done, to benefit its customers from its own learning from across its customer base.

What are the desired outcomes from our partnership?

Bristol City Council wishes to benefit from an “evergreen” approach to customer engagement whereby we are able to continually develop and innovate in a considered and de-risked approach.  We benefit from the work undertaken by other organisations with similar challenges and ambitions, and we have a credible ‘critical friend’ partner available to help us when needed.

We recognise that for any organisation investing in technology and change programmes that the right partner is absolutely critical, and we are incredibly proud to be supporting Bristol throughout their continued journey of transformation.

If you’d like to further understand what enabling technology could do combined with the right implementation partner, please get in touch.

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Tim Kidd

Tim Kidd joined Hitachi Solutions in 2018 with 23 years experience of working within Public Sector services.
With roles in Microsoft’s Public Sector Division, and Local Government as Head of service, he now supports organisations with programme delivery and strategic decision making.
In his role his mission is to enable transformational change, streamline operations, address budgetary pressures and improve the lives of citizens, businesses and employees.

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