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16 years in the Inner Circle: What it means for Hitachi Solutions


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I recently had the privilege of attending the 2019 Microsoft Inner Circle conference on behalf of Hitachi Solutions Europe. This summit is an exclusive gathering of leading Microsoft Dynamics Partners, offering a unique opportunity to collaborate and network. But most importantly, it’s a first-hand, exclusive look into the direction of travel for the Microsoft Dynamics community; information that’s a unique asset to our clients.

The Inner Circle event is a unique opportunity to share strategy and network with Microsoft senior leaders and fellow partners. Those who attend the conference are at the front line of developments around the Business Applications and Dynamics community. This makes the event a vital opportunity to learn about the latest developments, innovations and inspirations from Microsoft themselves.

The Business Applications Inner Circle partners represent the top 1% of the total Business Applications ecosystem and drive more than 30% of the FY19 Worldwide Business Applications Cloud Revenue. Hitachi Solutions is one of just a handful of companies that not only get invited to the Inner Circle event but have consistently attended year on year; reflecting on the hard work and leading expertise from everybody here at Hitachi Solutions.

Why Inner Circle?

For me, going to Inner Circle is really about the value it adds to the clients we work in partnership with. This comes in two main forms:


The conference is an exclusive opportunity to develop and hone a first-hand relationship with Microsoft - which is incredibly valuable for our clients.

But why is it so important? This relationship puts Hitachi Solutions at the front of the queue, meaning if our clients need help, support or guidance – we’ve got an existing relationship that we can draw on from Microsoft for help; including directly with the new programmes, product marketing and engineering teams.


A vital facet of the conference is access to exclusive knowledge and information about the direction of travel for the Microsoft Dynamics community. The insights we get from events like this are much more detailed and exclusive than anything you’ll find at Inspire.

Understanding Microsoft’s investments across particular industries, product areas, or geographic regions allows us to empower our clients, helping them make strategic business decisions that position them firmly ahead of the competition.

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Simon Drake

Simon Drake is SVP and UK General Manager at Hitachi Solutions Europe, he has the overall responsibility for the strategic direction and performance of the UK business.

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