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Choosing the right CRM or ERP integration partner


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The right people

When deciding on which integration partner you should trust with a CRM or an ERP solution that will affect your entire business’ performance, you want to make sure you have highly capable individuals at the helm, with ample experience in project delivery. The first aspect you should evaluate is the consultants’ ability to build a valid project roadmap, taking all aspects into account. In particular, your integration partner should clearly explain how they plan to engage with your teams and bring them onboard the project. Also, a consultant that will clearly stress the importance of having a full project team client side with strong management backing at the highest level of your organisation is a good indicator.

The right method

Another key aspect is methodology. You want to select a consulting firm that has developed a robust method to manage complex IT integration projects. You should be given a detailed walkthrough of the proposed method and project approaches. Take the time to ask for evidence of the technology and tools that will support the project. In particular, look for tools and accelerators that will focus on challenging aspects such as data migration, integration, custom development, etc. The consultants that have consistently invested in developing the right expertise and tools in these areas are generally highly sought after.

The right references

Finally, the key feature you should look for is a strong ability to deliver. Ask for references of successful projects your proposed consultant has rolled out for other customers. It is perfectly valid and widely accepted to ask to meet satisfied customers and even schedule site visits.

As a closing note, make sure you inquire about the ERP solution your proposed integration partner has implemented internally. A supplier that makes good use of its own solutions is always a great sign.


Jason Winstanley

With a background in computer aided engineering, 20+ years in ERP and CRM implementation and a 10 year seniority with Hitachi Solutions in the UK, Jason Winstanley is the author of the Consensus methodology that today drives many Hitachi Solutions integration projects.

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