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Forbes CIO Summit Europe: exploring the CIO’s role at the core of technology ecosystems


Hitachi Solutions > Blogs > 2018 > 05 > Forbes CIO Summit Europe: exploring the CIO’s role at the core of technology ecosystems

The Forbes CIO Summit Europe, an invite-only event, sponsored by Hitachi Europe, is set to host Europe’s most influential Chief Information Officers (CIOs), along with the CEOs of major technology companies. Discussions will focus on the most significant technological challenges facing businesses today and I’m thrilled to be taking part, alongside my colleague, Daryl Henwood, Vice President, Head of Industries.

Forbes CIO Summit Europe is the perfect way to foster collaboration

A fantastic way to foster collaboration within the profession, the CIO Summit Europe event will feature conversations about the CIO’s role at the centre of technology-based ecosystems — something that’s particularly important now that these are evolving at such an increasingly rapid pace. In addition, machine learning, digital transformation, artificial intelligence and data analytics will all be on the day’s agenda.

With a number of high-profile speakers from a variety of sectors, we’ll be covering topics like the complex security risks associated with emerging technologies and how the role of CIO offers a unique position from which to mitigate such risks.

The perfect chance to share insights on the latest tech developments

I for one am really looking forward to learning from other CIOs and CEOs. In enabling these conversations, the event is going to be a great way to help everyone involved to drive enterprise growth and value. It’s a chance for all of us to share insights on harnessing the latest developments and to take these learnings back to our respective industries.

If you’d like to attend, please request a free invitation at: (subject to availability) or visit the event page to find out more.


Ruwan Perera

With over 20 years insurance industry experience across carriers, software providers and consultancies, Ruwan is specialised in general insurance and markets across the globe. Ruwan has supported complex business and IT transformations thanks to a wealth of experience in a plethora of technologies.

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