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Women in Dynamics Event, 2018


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Women in Dynamics is the third in a set of community-led events designed to address the gender gap within Microsoft Dynamics 365. The aim of the event is to empower and encourage women in the field to pursue leadership roles and to help women from other sectors make the move to Dynamics 365.

Women in Dynamics aims to empower women in IT to pursue their goals

It’s also a great opportunity to educate business leaders about the huge gender divide the industry faces, and how to tackle this. Currently, just 22% of employees within Dynamics 365 are female. And this is part of a far larger issue as only 17% of employees in the tech market overall are women.

These stats are concerning, not just because they suggest there might be barriers to women launching successful careers within Dynamics 365, but also because such a skewed gender divide is very bad for business.

Research suggests that the ideal gender balance split among leadership positions should be at least 40/60 — as teams which match or exceed this enjoy a 23% increase in profit and a 13% increase in organic growth. And for those who need even more incentive to address the issue, when a leadership team’s at least 30% female, it directly correlates to increased profit margins.

Women in dynamics is a great chance to address the gender gap in IT

To find out more, take a look at the event page and register your attendance. This event is taking place on Friday 23rd March from 8.30am at The Shard, London. There will be a number of inspirational speeches, an interactive panel discussion, breakfast and networking. It’s an event not to be missed!

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Jinna Mistry

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