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Discover how digital is transforming housing

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At Housing Technology 2018, our industry-focused team of experts gave a glimpse into how technology can enable better service delivery and inform decision making with Microsoft’s data science and analytics capabilities.

During the event, Housing Technology 2018, Hitachi Solutions Head of Housing Associations, Cher Lewney presented how we worked with the UK’s largest Housing Associations to create the only fully-integrated Microsoft Enterprise Applicationsolution. Her presentation explained our journey and the key points that were part of our deployment.

Cher discussed how mobility and field services can enable radical improvements — providing a solution that allows a shift away from legacy systems, including in the integration of:

  • Finance and component accounting.
  • Rent Setting including Service Charging.
  • Hierarchical Asset Management.
  • Providing a single source of the truth.

Don’t miss the main insights from Housing Technology 2018

If you weren’t able to attend the Housing Technology 2018, or you’d like a reminder of some of the great insights Cher provided, take a look at her presentation below, and see how digital transformation can enable better service delivery and inform your decision making.


For further information, please contact us or visit our website to discover more about our solutions and services designed specifically for Housing Associations.


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