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The inherent opportunity in GDPR

Hitachi Solutions > Blogs > 2018 > 01 > The inherent opportunity in GDPR

For many organisations, the impending roll-out of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a cause for either fear or all-out panic. However very few see the opportunity in GDPR.

Will you be ready in time? What are the fines? How likely are you to be checked by the authorities? But, while these are all important considerations, they aren’t the whole story.

From my perspective, there is as much opportunity in GDPR for your business, as there is some threat to it. Why? Watch the video below to get an idea of the potential — and get in touch to discuss how you can turn a compliance issue into an opportunity.


Ruwan Perera

With over 20 years insurance industry experience across carriers, software providers and consultancies, Ruwan is specialised in general insurance and markets across the globe. Ruwan has supported complex business and IT transformations thanks to a wealth of experience in a plethora of technologies.

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