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Integrative answers for the insurance sector for every stage of Delegated Authority

What’s in it for you?

Delegated Authority is a complex relationship.  One that requires robust and transparent systems. Hitachi Solutions have developed an outstanding system to encompass all stages of the relationship between companies and brokers.

Real Relationships

We offer your business a unique relationship. Using our industry professionals and technical experts, we work alongside you to tailor exactly the right systems. Hitachi Solutions has harnessed the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide the ultimate delegated authority solution to the insurance industry.

Your digital transformation will not only change the way you work, but also improve the way your customers interact with you.

Why Is It Important? Why Is It Important?

Why Is It Important?

In 2015, the FCA produced a report[1] outlining concerns around the relationship between insurance firms and outsourced partners – particularly on the potential impact to customer outcomes.

[1] TR15/7: Delegated Authority: Outsourcing in the General Insurance Market  02/06/2015.

It found that in many cases, there was insufficient overview of the performance of products and the delivery of services.  Hitachi Solutions responded by creating an integrative system that provides the key to successful relationship management.

What Makes Us Different?

We employ industry professionals who know exactly what your business needs to comply with FCA mandates.   Working together with our technical team, we offer you a complete solution that won’t let you down.

Using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of solutions, we offer an exceptional system.  It not only identifies exactly what an outsourced partner can provide, but also delivers a further second stage response that elicits all the necessary information to effectively calculate risk.

Outsourcing can result in an increased level of complexity. Hitachi Solutions make sure the opposite is the case.  We will enable you to demonstrate clear arrangements for assessing conduct risks as well as having full control over claims functions. Delegated Authority can take many forms, Hitachi Solutions provide powerful tools for ensuring your decision to outsource is both viable and effective.

Market Expectations Market Expectations

Market Expectations

The expectation is that insurers outsourcing to third parties have effective and risk based controls in place.  This includes an ongoing performance monitoring system, which can be shared if required.   Insurers have responsibility to assess the appropriateness of delegating authority and may be required to provide evidence to this effect.

Using Hitachi Solutions together with Microsoft 365, means compliance in all areas. Not only that, but it can be scaled up or down according to need giving you the power to manage due diligence capability over a range of settings. We enable you to demonstrate clear arrangements for assessing risk and proof of due diligence at every stage.

How Do You Measure Up?

All authorised insurance firms are expected to comply with Principles for Business and these include conducting business with ‘due care, skill and diligence’.  Using Hitachi Solutions and Dynamics 365 means your business is no doubt about conformity.

Hitachi Solutions employ proven methods to ensure your due diligence methods concerning delegating authority are healthy, transparent and accessible, resulting in improved relationships and customer outcomes.

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Delegated Authority

Integrative Answers for the Insurance Sector for Every Stage of Delegated Authority

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