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New challenges...

We know how much your world is changing. Housing Associations are facing new challenges not only to your existing offer, but also because you are continually adding new components to your core business.

Real Relationships

You want to adopt a digital transformation which will not only change the way you work, but also how your customers interact with you.

At Hitachi Solutions we have spent two years developing the Hitachi Housing Solution. We are confident that no one else in the market today can offer such a fully integrated system operating on the Microsoft platform.

We know what works for your industry because:

  • We employ Housing Association professionals who speak your language
  • We understand the need to add a commercial element to your core business
  • We know you need data you can trust
  • We understand the unique needs of your social housing customers
Why We Employ Industry Professionals Why We Employ Industry Professionals

Why We Employ Industry Professionals

We employ industry professionals so we can readily respond to the unique needs of your industry. We understand your business and know how fast it’s changing.

You not only want to keep up with current changes, but also adopt systems which will evolve with you into the future. Here at Hitachi Solutions, we are continually responding to change in a fast, agile and innovative way, so you will always be at the forefront of your sector.

What You Want

Because we know your industry inside out, we can be one step ahead of the game. We know first-hand exactly what you require from your systems and why.

We know

  • You want to be able to integrate all your current systems into a single platform.
  • You want a complete end to end solution. 
  • You want efficient applications that will effectively serve the needs of your staff, your customers and  your business partners.
What Your Customers Need What Your Customers Need

What Your Customers Need

In an increasingly digital world, we know your customers are looking for different ways of communicating with you.

The trend toward a self-serve culture, using apps and online tools so they can take control of the communications process is growing. Your clients know what they need and want to access information at any time in a format that is familiar to them.

We know

  • Your social housing customers need clear, easy to use, formats to access a  complete range of services, from payments to repairs.
  • Your commercial clients want to add on services with ease.
  • Your business clients want to know payment systems are prompt and fool proof.

How We Can Help

At Hitachi Solutions, we use UK based specialists and are passionate about working alongside you to provide the best resolutions for your organisation.

We work with you face to face and take complete shared responsibility for successful delivery. We want you to succeed, because we want to succeed – our reputation rests on it.

We work on site and using our unique partnership with Microsoft, we have developed solutions that work together, whatever the size of your organisation.

We work with some of the largest housing providers in the UK, but understand that some smaller housing associations need to take the changes step by step.

We can do that too.

Our systems are flexible enough to build on incrementally – as and when you are ready. You set the pace and we will deliver exactly what you need when you need it.

From the smallest to the largest, we have the right solution for you.

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We know what you need because we employ Housing Association professionals who have experienced first-hand the challenges you face today.

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Hitachi Solutions is one of the largest and most qualified consulting firms specialising in Microsoft technologies in the world. Capable of handling complex, global projects, we implement applications that deliver:

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