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November 2, 2017  •  By Alexander von Massenbach

Why your Transformation & Adoption strategy is doomed

Want to know why your T&A strategy is doomed? Read on to ensure you're employing the right people and tools to do the job effectively...

The reason your Transformation & Adoption strategy is doomed is simple. If we use the terms transformation and adoption as interchangeable, (as if adoption itself will automatically lead to transformation), we are overlooking the most important part of the process – engaging and enabling your staff to deliver the outcomes you expect.

There has been a 60-70% failure rate in transformation projects over the last twenty years. Statistics which are backed up by the Harvard Business Review[1], who identified 7 out of 10 reasons for programme failure were due to the lack of people engagement. Recent Prosci Studies from 2016, confirm this still to be the case[2].

Another key reason why such a high percentage of transformation projects are doomed (and this is often kept under wraps in the business world), is that even if you set up a Change Manager with a dedicated team around them, and even if it is fully resourced and funded; if there isn’t proper accountability to the business and the sponsor, the initiative fails.

If the accountability part is missing, invariably the link to business will be lost and project priorities take over. The focus switches to bringing the project over the line, rather than achieving the desired business outcomes.

We address these issues directly to ensure lasting, people powered change, using five key values:

1. We instil ownership

Inspiring your staff to take full accountability for outcomes – ensuring maximum adoption way beyond the go-live phase.

2. We provide a clear path to success

Providing clear delivery plans, with built-in assessment tools, resulting in the highest chance of success at every stage of the project.

3. We create momentum

Rigour and discipline in our approach to readiness. We give your business the confidence to succeed.

4. We are outcome focussed

Using measurable results to ensure attainment in delivering your business objectives.

5. We are uniquely qualified

The only dedicated Microsoft partner in the market with a specialist Transformation & Adoption team.

So, if your current T&A strategy doesn’t consider the five values outlined above, it might be time to think again.

Adoption does not automatically lead to transformation, far from it. Without meticulous planning, scrupulous attention to detail and built-in accountability to the business there is every chance your current T&A strategy is doomed.

[1] Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail John P. Kotter Jan 2007
[2] Best Practices in Change Management, 2016 Edition, Benchmarking Report

Alexander von Massenbach
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