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November 14, 2017  •  By George Efthimiou

Beyond deadline day: opportunity in GDPR

We hosted 24 leading retailers at our recent event ‘The GDPR: From burden to opportunity’. Find out what we discovered.

GDPR is a great opportunity for organisations to realise the value of the data they hold. It’s a chance to thoroughly optimise the way you interact with customers — something many businesses should have done long ago.

To help retailers on this journey, we partnered with One Connected Community (OCC) and Microsoft to host 24 leading retailers at ‘The GDPR: From burden to opportunity’ event. During our workshop, we explored data transparency, heritage systems, improved ways of working, and the evolution of customer data both during GDPR roll-out and, more importantly, beyond deadline day.

Take a look at the video and read the detailed report to find out more about what we discovered.

George Efthimiou
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